Sales Tax

The City of Adak levies a sales and use tax of on all sales, rents and services made in the city, at the rate of 4%. There are few exceptions to the application of sales tax and it is the responsibility of the seller to be informed about the taxation of the sale. Sellers must verify exemptions to taxation and should direct any questions to the City.  Fora quick guide to exempted items please visit

The City of Adak has signed on to the Alaska Remote Sellers Tax Commission and is a full participating member.  For sellers that sell goods into Adak, with no physical presence, in the community the Commission will be the method of submission.  Visit for more information.  Please note this is only for Sales Tax, all other municipal taxes are administered locally.

Local Sales Tax – Due Date: Last business day of the current month for the preceding month (Example: March return is due on the last business day of April). The date of actual receipt not the postmark shall determine the date of filing returns.

Remote Sellers Sales Tax Due Date: Visit

Municipal Code – Sales Tax: Municipal Code Section – Updated 2020
Municipal Code – Remote Sellers: Municipal Code Section – Updated 2020

The City encourages submission of tax returns by electronic mail, in PDF format, to the email address listed on the form.  If you elect to email the return, a physical copy of the return is not needed.  Ensure the payment for the return reaches us by the deadline to avoid penalties and interest.  The City also encourages companies to submit payments by ACH with a corresponding remittance advice sent to accounting [at]  For ACH instructions please contact our office.