FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any housing for sale?

Check back

Is there really a McDonalds on Adak?

Yes.  Contrary to recent "stories" it is not abandoned. 

In 2009 the Adak Community Development Corporation purchased the building to eventually open an independent restaurant.  While that did not occur, it was used as a temporary halibut processing facility.   In 2011 the facility was rehabilitated to be used as a galley for the fish processing plant to feed its crew and fleet.  Although the plant has since built a galley inside its facility, the former McDonalds was stood down and is preserved for future use as a commercial kitchen.  The facility, in order to protect the custom glass, was boarded up after the major 2015 storm.

For more information, such as facility leasing, please contact the Adak Community Development Corporation by email at acdc [at] adakcdc.org or by calling (907) 592-2325.