Visitors Information

Whether you are arriving on Adak for a quick visit or a long term stay, the City would like to make sure you are aware of some important information before arriving on the island.  Please be aware that "digging for gold" is not permissible and the City is not entertaining new partnerships in this endeavor.  Our staff is unable to provide recommendations on activities, lodging or other services aside from the published information on this page.

Adak, as a former Naval facility is inherently a more dangerous place to visit.  The US Navy has produced a safety video which you are encouraged to watch before visiting the island.  Hazardous Site Awareness Video.

The only commercial transportation to the island is via Alaska Airlines.  There is no ferry, marine passenger service or other commercial air service to the island unless it is chartered.  Please note that although less common than in the past, our sometimes severe weather can affect flights to and from the island.  Please keep this in mind when booking travel to the island.

Air Ambulance (Medivac) evacuation insurance is highly recommended  prior to travel to Adak. With limited health services on island, emergency medical evacuation from Adak (into Anchorage) can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Recommended providers of air ambulance services that commonly serve Adak are LifeMed Alaska and Guardian Flight.

Visitors seeking to hike, hunt or explore are required to obtain a Land Use Permit from the Aleut Corporation  Follow the link below to access the form.  A permit can also be obtained at the Airport Terminal upon arrival into Adak.  A permit is not required to enter the Alaska Maritime National Wildife Refuge lands.  Please visit the Aleut Corporation and USFWS website for Terms and Conditions for camping on their lands.  The City of Adak does not have a public campground available.

Lodging is available through the licensed lodging operators as noted in the web links section below.  The city is unable to recommend a provider or alterative arrangements for your visit. 

Cellular service is extremely limited on the island and coverage is not guaranteed.  AT&T has a roaming agreement with the local telephone provider, however cellular data is not functional at this time.  You must have a postpaid plan with AT&T for service to work on Adak.  T-Mobile and Verizon service is not available on the island.  GCI service is available, however cellular data is not functional.

It is recommended you bring sufficient food supplies to last your trip as the local convenience store has limited inventory and hours.  Casual dining options are also limited and is subject to a seasonal schedule.

Public internet access is available at the Adak Public Library.  Please visit our Library page here for hours and additional information.